Copper Press fittings provide practical and effective solutions for drinking water, heating and other special application with sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 4″. It does not require welding, brazing or cutting threads.

  • Copper Press uses an unique product production process which can eliminate the excess copper that normally accumulates in the pipe fittings. This allows water or gas to smoothly move throughout the pipeline system. By reducing the resistance within the system, this improve the performance of the pipes.
  • Copper Press fittings adopt an unique limit slot design. Compared to the traditional limit points, this design can effectively avoid product rupture and leakage when creating joints, so that customers can use the products more safely and securely.




Leak by-pass O-ring

Leak by-pass O-ring can recognize unpressed fittings. For unpressed joints, water pressure drops during the standard testing procedure, For water pressure testing, it is recommended to test from 103 Kpa to 300 Kpa. And for gas pressure testing from 2.2 Kpa to 300 Kpa.